my pictures

This my hockey team we are playing hockey in the playoffs

and my team mate gave me a pass and i was on the breakaway and i deked one way and then the other then the goalie got coinfused and i scored and thats when i tied the game. thats why i love hockey its so fun

also this is my dirt bike and i am riding around the track and i my dad cought a picture of me in the air and also thats why i love dirt bike riding its so fun

secrets in the forest

in the forest where the girl and her dad are there going to see that sign and the dad will say don’t go passed there but the girl says come on lets go. The dad will say ok and then they will be walking and they suddenly out of no where they fall down a waterfall and the streaming water leads them into a cave then there is two signs. One sign says go right the other one says go lest and they went left and there was a ledge that they had too tip toe on and once they crossed that there was a treasure box with diamonds and gold. But it was fake and they shamed out but if they went too the right they would of found real treasure!!!

science of a hockey stick

Sticks are approximately 150–200 cm long, composed of a long, slender shaft and a flat extension at one end called the blade. The curved part where the blade and the shaft meet is called a taper. The blade is the part of the stick used to contact the puck, and is typically 10 to 15 inches long. Stick dimensions can vary widely, as they are usually built to suit a particular player’s size. Taller players usually use longer sticks. There is some variance on the height of the stick in preference of the player. A player favouring fast stick handling and good puck control would opt for a shorter stick, while a player wanting a harder, faster shot would opt for a longer stick. The blade’s angle depends on the height of the stick, but is usually positioned around 45 degrees. The blade is often curved in the direction toward which the skater moves forward, to aid in retaining or lifting the puck off the playing surface. This curvature of the stick greatly increases the speed of the player’s shot. The downside to the increased curvature is that shots on the backhand side of the stick are more difficult to execute and are less accurate and/or not as hard. The shaft of the stick is fairly rigid, but it has some flexibility to benefit some shots. Common ice hockey shots include: wrist shot, slap shot, snap shot and backhand.

Sunday December 9 2012 (Outside Of School

today so fun me and my hockey team had outdoor practices we do it every sunday we all bring are NHL jerseys and we do a winter classic first we do some drills with cones or pucks and then we will have a little cometetion like who has the hardest shot and today it was me and then after that we will have a scrimage game and its soooo fun today i 2 goals and 2 assists.Then at 2.00 o clock we had dry land training we a course 3 times in a row and then we go on the ice but its plastic ice so its hard to skate on and we do 2 sections the first one is deking and flick shots at the net the next section is shooting and passing and dekeing and at the end of the day where all so tired and today im really tired.


Grade 5 Field Trip

The grade 5s should go to the C.N. tower we should go there because thers so much to do do like the spinning restaruant or the movie where the seats move and you can do this picture where you fall off the C.N. tower the most fun thing is the glass floor and the edge walk thats why we should go there.

book review (middle school)

the book is about there is a boy named Rafe and hes starting a new school year and they have this assembeley where they all get this rule book that has more than 100 rules in it at hills villige p.s. Rafe is planning to play a game with his freind leo but this is in the second book but ill tell you what happens leo is acttaly fake he died. so ya the game is called operation Rafe stannds for Rules Arent For Everyone nade he has three lives and when he breaks one rule he gets points  can rafe do it im not going to tell you you wiil have to read the book.

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